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Traffic Tickets or WHY Cops are nothin more than another name for TAX COLLECTORS

There are many examples throughout the NEWS & media today on how we have turned our POLICE DEPT'S into nothing much more than TAX COLLECTORS utilizing a form of LEGAL EXTORTION. They accomplish this thru the millions of Traffic Fines, Code Violations and every other little nuance they can come up with to make you pay them a RANSOM for your FREEDOM.

You may ask how they hold you up legally instead of illegally like a MUGGER or ROBBER does. They accomplish this by THREATENING to take away your FREEDOM by locking you up in their JAILS with no opportunity to consult with an attorney or other legal representation. Don't believe me, next time you get a SPEEDING TKT, go to court & ask for a PUBLIC DEFENDER or LEGAL REPRESENTATION because you cant afford it. They will laugh at you & tell you that you are not entitled to it for this type of case. But yet, this type of case can cause you to be LOCKED UP and your FREEDOM taken away from you.

They claim that these type of case's "Class C Misdemeanor" usually are only punishable by a FINE. But yet of you are poor or can not pay this fine. They will LOCK YOU UP and take away your FREEDOM. Why, you may ask. Because all they are interested in, is your $$$$. They want money from you the same as a MUGGER or ROBBER on the street demands your $$$$ and other goods of value. The only difference is the POLICE do it LEGALLY thru the Courts. Personally I would rather FIGHT a mugger than the Kangaroo Courts that they have setup for this.

FTW Star Telegram - February 28, 2009 - Warrant Roundup or PAY UP SUCKA !!!!

And yet another example of how Cities & other Govt entities are upset people aren't paying up. Many people are hopefully realizing this & costing the Local Cities more $$$ by sitting their time out. My suggestion is let's start costing cities $$$$ by forcing them to PAY to have you sit out your fines, pay for your meals & be sure & make them take care of your MEDICAL NEEDS also while you are in there. If you have DIABETES, HEART PROBLEMS or any other long term illnesses, they need to provide you with your MED's & CARE while they are in control of you/ If not, let Uncle Scrappy know. Maybe we can get enough info together and FORCE them with a FEDERAL LAWSUIT to change this ANTI-AMERICAN conduct of locking up GOOD US CITIZENS for STUPID CRIMES designed to do nothing more than bring in income to the Govt !!!!!

FTW Star Telegram - March 08, 2009 - Cities don't like not getting your $$$$

Well it looks like more & more people are starting to wake up and smell the coffee on how our Municipal Govts are all about sneaking around & Taxing our $$$ away in any way they can. It is time for us as CITIZENS to stand up to these HIGHWAY ROBBERY and tell our elected officials that they need to listen to us. Your job isn't to TAX us in anyway possible. Quit stealing our $$$ from these UN-CONSTITUTIONAL means or else look for another job. BECAUSE WE AINT VOTING FOR YOU AGAIN. It is time we QUIT re-electing all these Professional Crooks.

Dallas Morning News - March 27, 2009 - Red Light Cameras - Stealth Tax

And yet another newspaper article on how the POLICE and MUNICIPAL COURTS are nothing more than a REVENUE GENERATOR for local governments. Cities want this money & they don't care about the citizens or how they collect it. They will railroad you thru court, make you spend untold amount of time returning to court over & over so you will get frustrated, tired & just pay them their RANSOM for hassling you.

FTW Star Telegram - March 30, 2009 - Arlington Court sending 130,000 to Collections

Well more and more people are starting to realize that the Local Municipal Police are nothing more than MODERN DAY TAX COLLECTORS. When will this ABUSE stop ????

MSNBC - May 06, 2009 - Speeders Beware

Yet another story on how Municipal Govt's don't care about it's citizens, ONLY the REVENUE/EXTORTION money you can give them for Trumped Up Petty Tickets.

FTW Star Telegram - May 20, 2009 - DFW Cities try to beat RED LIGHT Camera's

We will soon be listing steps you can take to help TAKE BACK your rights to a CONSTITUTIONAL system. If they do ARREST you for these stupid tickets. DEMAND A LAWYER to represent you. If they REFUSE, ask them why they can take away your FREEDOM without LEGAL REPRESENTATION. Ask them WHY they tell you in their MIRANDA warnings when they arrested you, that YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A LAWYER and IF YOU CAN NOT AFFORD ONE, ONE WILL BE APPOINTED. If you have any MEDICAL CONDITIONS like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc. DEMAND they furnish you with MEDICAL CARE & MEDICINE. If they tell you to get a FAMILY MEMBER to BRING YOU YOUR MEDICINE, REFUSE, tell them you are under their CARE & CONTROL & THEY NEED TO PROVIDE FOR YOUR HEALTH CARE AS LEGALLY REQUIRED WHILE YOU ARE INCARCERATED. Do whatever you can to LEGALLY make them SPEND $$$ taking care of you. They don't like it when they cant collect $$$, but have to spend $$$ instead. Maybe this will help give them a WAKEUP call about


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