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POLICE BRUTALITY or Why we can beat you down anytime we want & get away with it

Well we have always said that MOST Police Officer these days seem like a "Bunch of RAMBO Wannabe's" and here is yet VIDEO & DOCUMENTED proof of this. Police officers are SWORN "TO SERVER and to PROTECT" I remember reading that on the side of police cars back in Los Angeles in the 1970's Back then, they cared about the citizens and the problems people faced. They went after the ROBBERS, RAPISTS, etc in an effort to keep the Citizens Safe. Now they want go into certain areas because they FEAR for their own Safety. HEY, Aren't you PAID to protect the Citizens and FIGHT CRIME. You knew the RISKS of the job when you accepted it. But oh that's right. You Joined the police force so you could HASSLE people, get to carry a gun that would make you feel like a BIG MAN. All this and more because of your own inadequacies as a man.

Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle seems to actually care and is working to fix the DPD. He has fired quite a few BAD OFFICES, but unfortunately the UNION or whatever they have has been able to get many of the ROTTEN APPLES restored to their jobs where they can once again Prey upon the Public in their effort to feel more MACHO.

Dallas Morning News - March 27, 2009 - Police Hassle Dying Family Member

I guess in Ft Worth they still think it is the OLD WEST. It seems that if you are DEAF, they will just JERK you out of your vehicle & BEAT YOU DOWN. Wont give you a chance to try & inform them of the problem, they dont care. They just want an excuse to "BEAT YOU DOWN" They used to call this "POLICE BRUTALITY" now they just call it doing your job or such. NO EXCUSES, this type of behavior by the police is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. The officer should be FIRED & all otehr officers should go thru RE-TRAINING about how to deal with citizens & such.

Dallas Morning News - April 09, 2009 - FTW Police beat down motorist

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