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GOVERNMENT REVENGE because of doing what you think is Right

Well it seems that Arlington doesn't like it very much when someone helps defeat a TAX REFERENDUM on hiring more POLICE, FIREFIGHTERS & CODE ENFORCEMENT officers. They will use or ABUSE their powers to get back at you. What makes this even more disturbing is they claim all of this is CIVIL VIOLATIONS, Not CRIMINAL. What this means is they can take away your FREEDOM without affording you the RIGHTS & PROTECTIONS of the US CONSTITUTION against Unreasonable SEARCH & SEIZURE, RIGHTS TO A ATTORNEY & many other basic rights we all take for granted as US CITIZENS. But I guess these GOVT OFFICIALS feel they are the PROLETARIAT and we are nothing more than their BOURGEOISIE. (Not familiar with these terms. Research KARL MARX or what our Govt is turning into as they work to stomp out our rights)

FTW Star Telegram - March 10, 2009 - Arlington TAX ACTIVIST Jailed

Here is another case of the local judicial system ABUSING a citizen because they can. This person had nothing more than TRAFFIC TICKETS & such and they LOCK HIM UP & TAKE AWAY HIS FREEDOM for over 80+ days. Sounds like old fashioned DEBTORS PRISON except it is only available for use by the Government.

Dallas Morning News - May 15, 2009 - Judge's Order puts man in Catch-22

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